Kitchen Worktops

John Samuel Marble Worktop and Island

John Samuel offers a one-stop-shop solution to customers looking for their dream kitchen worktops and island. We specialise in stone worktops (both natural and engineered) and can advise on the advantages, disadvantages and suitability of all materials. 

We offer a huge choice of granite, marble, slate, wood, quartz and Dekton surfaces for you to choose from and we will guide you at every stage. The process is simple:

1. Select your material - we are not tied to any one supplier and so we are able to offer impartial advice on a very wide range of surfaces;

2. Send us your drawings (a rough sketch is fine);

3. We provide a quote - 99% of the time the quote you receive is the price you pay, only if the design changes significantly will the price go up or down;

4. Once price is agreed our expert tradesman or tradeswoman will come to take templates and around 5-7 days later they will return to deliver, install and seal the worktops.

Kitchen Worktop Materials