Frequently Asked Questions

Does John Samuel have a showroom?

Yes, but not like any other. John Samuel operates from a 12-tonne vehicle that was previously used as a mobile library by a council in Scotland. As a vehicle that was designed for people to read in, it was a logical choice for a mobile tile and flooring showroom as natural light pours in to the vehicle through 11 windows and 5 skylights. Most of our clients lead busy lives and work long hours so the benefit of us being able to bring the showroom to them is often very valuable. Of course, if you prefer you are welcome to visit us at our operational base in Warninglid.

What is the lead time from order?

Orders are only confirmed after we have checked that sufficient stock is available from the manufacturer. The lead time varies depending on where in the world the product is produced or warehoused. If stock is available in the UK the lead time will generally be 3-4 days. If the goods are being imported from overseas lead times can vary from 1-12 weeks. We will discuss all logistical issues with you in full before asking for payment.

I don’t have a referral code. Can I still place an order?

Yes. Simply enter NONE in the referral code field on the registration page.

How do I ensure that I order the correct quantity?

Please ensure that you double-check all measurements before placing your order. We recommend that you include an additional 10% to allow for cuts, wastage, minor imperfections and breakages. As we do not hold stock and all goods are delivered to order, we cannot accept returns of surplus material including any ancillary products. In any case it is always a good idea to keep a few spare tiles in the shed or garage in case of accidents in the years ahead.

Do your prices include delivery?

No, an additional charge will be added to your order to cover the cost of delivery. As every order is unique it is not possible to say here how much your delivery will cost. We look at every delivery and calculate the best rate available taking into account the weight, distance and any special requirements including access restrictions that may exist. We do not make a profit on deliveries and will always do our best to get your materials to you in the most expedient and cost-effective way possible.

Will my natural stone tiles match the sample you gave me?

Stone is a natural material and every tile in every crate is unique – this is the beauty of natural stone. The downside of this is that tiles can vary considerably in terms of shading, veining and tone. Every batch of natural stone tiles will inevitably include some tiles that you find more appealing than others. This is why we always recommend that you dry-lay the tiles first to work out exactly which tile goes where. The tiles you especially like should be used in a prominent position on the wall or floor. Tiles with unsightly markings or blemishes can be used for cuts or positioned out of the way, under cabinets for example.

Do my tiles need to be sealed?

Yes. All natural stone is porous, including granite which is commonly used for kitchen worktops, but so long as the stone is properly sealed at the time of installation this should not be an issue. Modern sealers create an invisible barrier between the stone and the environment meaning that water and other substances are unable to penetrate the stone. Sealers can either be water-based, meaning the appearance of the stone will be unaffected or solvent based, which will enhance the colour and intensity of the stone surface.

How often will I need to re-seal my stone tiles?

If the stone is properly sealed with a quality impregnating sealer at the time of installation, then it will probably need re-sealing every 5-7 years. Even very high traffic areas such as hotel lobbies will only need re-sealing every 2-3 years and as stone floors improve with age you will enjoy decades of return on your investment.

How should my tiles be cleaned?

Stone surfaces are easy to clean, sweep and mop. It is wise to use a pH neutral detergent which are widely available from stone specialists or from the John Samuel website.

Can I use stone tiles over underfloor heating?

Absolutely. Natural stone is the best thing you can put over an underfloor heating system as it absorbs the heat and radiates it out into the room over time. This means you can bring the room up to the desired temperature and then switch off the heating for hours. Stone is also passive solar efficient which will have a positive effect on your air conditioning bills in the hotter months.