About Us

John Samuel supplies all the materials you could need for a home or garden makeover or refurbishment project. Our huge range includes natural stone (marble, limestone, granite, slate), porcelain tiles, paving, wood flooring, paint and bespoke kitchen worktops. The majority of the projects we undertake are new builds and major refurbishments of period properties. We also work with businesses including hotels, spas and restaurants.

John Samuel operates a mobile showroom meaning we take the showroom to the client. Our clients tend to lead very busy lives so this is a very real benefit for many of them. As well as normal office hours, we are available early mornings, evenings and weekends as required. We carry a huge range of materials, have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the materials market and use impressive visualisation software to give our clients a very clear image of the finished product before they commit to buying anything.

Independent, impartial advice

John Samuel is not tied to any one supplier or group so can offer truly impartial advice and a broader range of materials than any of our competitors. As overheads are kept to a minimum we are usually able to offer trade-level pricing to all clients irrespective of their commercial status.

The majority of projects we work on come to us via an introduction from one of our trade partners, who include interior designers, builders, landscapers, architects and estate agents. Our partners trust us to offer the highest level of personal service and preferential pricing to their clients and to deliver the right product on time, every time. This means that projects run smoothly and expensive delays and the stress the inevitably accompanies them are minimised.

Whether or not you have a referral code from one of our partners please register now to see how much you could save compared to high street prices. If you have a project planned or underway and would like to book a free, no-obligation consultation at a time and location of your choosing, please book an appointment now. 

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If you are an interior designer, builder or other tradesperson and would like to discuss becoming one of our trade partners, please give us a call on 01273 806121 (Brighton) or 01444 628400 (Warninglid) or send us an email at sales@johnsamuel.co.uk.